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In and Around Downtown Denver

Learn about the different hubs for living downtown in the Mile High City.


Welcome to In and Around Downtown Denver

It seems everyone wants to live in downtown. This has made Denver condos and lofts a high demand commodity. Central neighborhoods are seeing a resurgence reminiscent of the Colorado gold rush. While downtown has long been a draw for its lofts and luxury residences, that attraction is sprawling into lesser-known central neighborhoods and includes duplexes and historic revivals. Professionals who do not want to commute, students attending area higher education centers, artists living over their studios, entrepreneurs, empty-nesters – all craving the convenience and growing excitement of downtown living.  These are just a few of the many individuals who are moving into the heart of the Mile High City.

Living downtown provides immersion into the urban experience.

New architecture and luxury high rise Denver condos mix with revitalized historic buildings and industrial styled lofts to create a City with undeniable draw.  The arts and culture scene is booming downtown. The Museum of Contemporary Art explores the art and culture of our time through rotating exhibitions and public educational programs.  www.mcadenver.org/. Locals and visitors enjoy visiting www.denverartmuseum.org/ with its international art exhibits throughout the year.  Foodies are thrilled with the influx of innovative restaurants, food trucks and gastro pubs that have opened in downtown, LoHi, LoDo and RiNo. There are an abundance of chef-owned restaurants serving farm-to-table cuisine and patio cafe’s where revelers enjoy the fresh air and spectacular mountain views while dining. With so many options to choose from, downtown dwellers can have their cake and it too! The nightlife is re-emerging and promises vibrant evenings and the returning weekday bustle of the financial district and the urban campus keeps downtown high-energy and vital. Residing in downtown Denver condos or lofts allow you to live, work and play in the heart of the City. As the City continues to open up and introduce new and exciting revitalization, the downtown allure is coming back strong!

The enviable lifestyle for those who choose to live in or close to downtown is available at a number of price points depending on location, views, amenities and size.  Styles range from central and historic Lofts to refurbished landmark homes to hip and contemporary Denver condos.  A personal visit and time spent wandering the City is needed to truly absorb the special character each downtown region has to offer. There is something for everyone who wants to live in downtown Denver.  Call, text or email Kristen to learn more about real estate opportunities to live in downtown Denver condos, lofts or more.

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